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God is a Microbe

Chapter 2

Brain Parasites


 “Here….. entry point….. way in…..nutrients……. safe……. The chemical signals emit, 3 billion year old language, language of microbes.

The host has no idea of what is taking place inside the neuron pathways he habitually employs to lift his coffee cup to his mouth in the morning while considering the sales pitch he will deliver to representatives of FarEast Fossil Fuels in 2 hours. As Chagun Soon, his Korean valet emerges from the walk-in closet with a dark grey silk suit woven with deep emerald and 10K gold threads millions of microbes are flooding into meta ganglia snaking through his brain.

He smiles as he anticipates the effect his latest power moves will have on the other contenders for Far East’s business. These players are a shrewd bunch, with centuries of experience in the world domination game, worthy opponents as the Chinese proverbs say.

He is the perfect host for brain parasites since his neuron thought pathways are well worn into habitual tracks of how to get more and how to look good getting it, how to deal and how to stack the deck. They rarely drop into introspection. If they did, he could buy the expensive sex and drugs always on offer when a little extra pump is required to thrill the deal.

Good thing he is a high energy alpha who doesn’t need much sleep and seldom dreams. The microbes are sliding into the vast miasma of unused cognitive connections as Chagun Soon brings an emerald silk shirt so dark it appears almost black until the light refracts off the silk worm’s labours.

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