science fiction logo by Victoria G.


Chapter 1

Blue,    gold,    green,                azure.

Breathe          kick,     curl,    glide,   turn,    uncurl.

Other side.,,.

Bird shadow, grey geometry flickers over skin. Gull or raven?

Losing concentration, pace, glide.Waves surf the shore, insistent. Drop into deeper blue, azure anonymity. Water wheel, light bender, entering indigo zone…..

She absorbs into my neural network seamlessly. Only the slight shift in perception, sensitized. “She” has another feel, how can I put it? An “other” feel. I feel her settling into my senses. “May I be with you?” she asks. I don’t know why she asks. How can I say “no”? She is already here, within me, almost inside my cells. We be together a while. Then the questions begin. I know that it will be a long session.

“What is this?” she floods my frontal lobe with an image so intense it sears like an ice cream headache.

“STOP!” despite my freediving training I am starting to panic, heart racing, needing air. Kicking strong, measured, mind block, surfacing with an explosion of expelled air.

“Are you trying to drown me?” I’m screaming inside my head, trying to shake her off.



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