the nature of women & girls Questionnaire

This questionnaire is meant to be taken lightly and playfully. I hope it  will help you learn more about yourself, your history and your place (literally) in the world. Even if your place is a vacant lot on an urban street the wonder of it all is there, between the cracks. Concrete is never monolithic and a child can find meaningful relationship with a spider weaving a web over dried up weeds.  

 1. Where do you live? ie: City? Suburb? Town? Village? Rural? Homestead? etc


2. What is the ecosystem? ie: Desert? Tropical Rainforest? Temperate Rainforest? Boreal Forest? Tundra? Plain? Steppe? Etc.


3. Is this the land of your ancestors?


4. If yes, how long have your ancestors inhabited the area?

5. If no, how did you come to be where you are now?


6. How “at home” do you feel in the region that you live in? Why?


 7. If you don’t feel “at home” there, where do you feel “at home”?


8. Do you have a special place in nature where you like to spend time?


 9. Where is this special place?


 10. Do you have a special relationship with someone who isn’t human? ie: an   animal, plant, tree, river etc.?


11. How did you get to know each other?


12. Where does this being live?


13. How do you communicate with each other?


14. How does your special friend support who you are?


 15. Do you have a story about your friend or your friendship that you could share?

Are you  interested in how other people and their animal or plant friends communicate with each other?  If so please share  your answers to Questions 10 – 15 in the Comments section of this page. By sharing our stories and practises we can learn so much from each other.

Stories of my own experiences attempting communication with other species are in  Whale Journals and the Interspecies Communication Blog





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