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This page is going to be a bulletin board with Links.

Hello women and girls with ideas, inventions, insights that you want to get out to the world or just off your chest : } This is a place where you can post a sentence, a paragraph, a photo, even a 1 minute video about your idea and link this post to your website, facebook page etc.

If you are looking for others who want to work with you on your project, put that in your post. Build your team. Find collaborators. Anything you post that you created is 100% owned by you.

If you just want to put your idea out and let others run with it, adapt it, adopt it put that in the post to with the hashtag ‘free ideas’

Imp Possible is always on the lookout for inspiring ideas and inventions so I will post any I find that are really unique.

Example posts:

Cat collar with bird alarm that works

#freeidea I have an idea for a cat collar that will send out an alarm that birds will understand whenever the cat is getting ready to attack.

I would like to work with a computer programmer, cat biologist or veterinarian and a marketer/entrepreneur to design the collar for cat owners who care about birds. Find out more at www.——-


Local subscription transit for rural communities

#freeidea Riders and drivers connect for local trips within the community. Licences are issued for a nominal fee to drivers and riders.  km guide for how much the rider should pay to the driver.

Someone credible [local credit union?] has to administrate. Licence money would go to admin, printing licences and account at credit union.

I’m actualy looking for people who want to get this started in Powell River.


Wet suit that let’s you “hear” underwater

#freeidea Wet suit that will amplify water pressure signals. Become your inner fish! Learn more at……


Sense of smell enhancer

#freeidea Wouldn’t you love to smell like a dog? No, not SMELL like a dog but smell LIKE a dog. This is an invention that will amplify your olfactory sense and open a whole new world of perception.


Game “Desire & Consequence”

Everybody wants to rule the world. So what would the world be like if you ruled it? Every player gets a territory with absolute power to do what they want. Organize your world according to your personal values and desires. While you’re doing that the game throws many circumstances at you and problems to solve. You choose an action and watch what the repurcussions are.

#freeidea Looking for a video game company with lots of chops and radical ideas.

Your Turn!


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